Interior Painting

Our interior painting staff and designers can help you create an indoor space that is just amazing, whether a single room or a whole house. Give them some basic ideas of what you want a room to look and feel like, and they will create the perfect space for your needs and desires.

Once the color scheme is selected, our team will go to work.

Everything that must stay in the room is completely covered so no paint gets on it. Floors are covered and taped as well. Windows are covered (except for the parts to be painted), and doorways are sealed so fumes do not escape

Walls and trim are prepped. Damage to walls is repaired and smoothed, trim is sanded and caulked. High quality primer/sealer is applied to walls and trim (Ceilings are done the same way if that is included in the project.)

High quality interior paint is sprayed, rolled or brushed, cut in by hand and lovingly applied to trim and moldings for the smoothest finish. Touch-ups are applied as needed and the job is inspected for flaws and if any are found, they are fixed immediately.

Our crews are craftsmen in every sense of the word and are justifiably proud of their work, and we are sure you will agree when the job is done.

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