Popcorn Removal

Why popcorn removal? Lots of Coral Springs, Florida area homes built in the late 20th and early 21st century, were built with popcorn ceilings, which have since gone out of style.  Aside from the once "attractive" appeal of this type of texture, it also was the perfect cover for poor drywall workmanship and helped to eliminate echoes in the room. The popcorn ceiling pattern is so random, it also offered a quick fix for finishing new construction.

However, they are dusty and some would say, downright ugly. Luckily for South Florida homeowners, we are experts at removing popcorn ceilings with a fast, no-mess process.

Our Popcorn Removal Service Includes:

  • Covering and/or moving all furniture and personal materials from the room
  • Applying floor protection, masking off walls with plastic sheeting.
  • Masking off doorways, outlets and ceiling fixtures (ceiling fan or chandelier removal is an extra charge.)
  • Professionally removing popcorn texture to expose the original drywall surface. 
  • Scraping and sanding all uneven areas
  • Hauling & Dumping of all debris
  • Re-taping and/or Re-coating all tape joints (if necessary)
  • Choose from a knock down texture to be applied OR a smooth, floated finish (requires additional finishing hours)
  • Primer, then paint, applied to finished ceiling
  • Move contents back into place
  • Professional cleanup

From one room to a whole house, we can have your popcorn ceiling gone and a new ceiling over your head in a short time, thanks to our expert popcorn removal team.

You will be amazed at the difference when that ugly popcorn has been replaced by a new smooth or knock-down finish. This is a great time to give the whole room a new, fresh coat of paint and deck out that trim for a new look. You know you have been wanting to!

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