Pressure Cleaning Service

Pressure cleaning is an important part of home maintenance and keeping your property looking its best in the Coral Springs, Florida area. Roofs, decks, patios, driveways and other areas get very dirty very quickly in our sub-tropical climate, and mold and mildew thrive in the high humidity.

You may not notice how dirty things are until it gets really bad or you get a code citation, but a regular schedule of pressure cleaning can keep things looking like new for a long time.

While a homeowner may be able to rent or buy a pressure washer and use it to do some cleaning, the danger of the high pressure water or cleaning chemicals causing unwanted damage is fairly high, as a homeowner does not use this type of equipment on a regular basis.

Pressure cleaning a roof, especially on a multi-story building, is inherently dangerous, as a wet roof can be very slippery. We strongly recommend you do not attempt to clean your own roof under any circumstances, and instead urge you to use a professional, even if you do not choose us to do the job. The modest cost is more than offset by the peace of mind knowing you won't be on the roof in the hot sun and possibly falling off and getting seriously injured.

We pride ourselves on our safety record and can safely say no customers have fallen off the roof while we were pressure cleaning it! So be safe and always call a professional.

Pressure washing decks incorrectly can cause the loss of pressure treatment protection or actual damage to the decking surface. Professionals like us take care to only use the proper tools and chemicals to make your deck look as good as new without the possibility of damage.

Driveways and patios are constantly under attack by the South Florida sun, dirt and dust in the air, as well as air pollution. Concrete gets black mold and mildew stains that are difficult to remove. If the concrete is painted, using too much pressure can strip that paint, leaving ugly bare spots that require re-painting. Our patio pressure cleaning service can restore your patio to pristine condition (If your painted patio has bare spots, our exterior paint service can remedy that!)

Fences need pressure cleaning on occasion as well to keep them looking good. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that the fence components are not loosened or damaged. We are experts when it comes to pressure cleaning fences to get them looking new again.

We are specialists when it comes to pressure cleaning, and will make things look new again very quickly and at an affordable cost. We use nothing but the highest quality equipment, and our crews are trained to do things the right way the first time. We are also fully licensed and insured.

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